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Social Trader

Social Trader

NebulaXC is pleased to offer Social Trading to our clients, the next generation account mirroring (trade copy) service.


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Terms and Conditions of Social Trade

1. Please note that brokers are service providers for Forex trading.
2. Signal Providers are independent to provide trade signals without being controlled by brokers.
3. Investment in the Forex market is high risk. Investors should carefully consider the information before investing. You should study and clearly understand the functions of the Social Trade system prior to investing.
4. Investors can manage their own risk and can stop investing at any time.
5. Past performance of each Signal Provider can not guarantee the future. This can not guarantee profit or loss in the future.
6. Brokers do not have any fund raising policy.
7. Subscriber can adjust the risk of the investment yourself.
8. One account should be subscribe only one Signal Provider.
9. Once you have subscribed, you can press the Access for Subscriber button and login to check your status.
10. To stop the subscription, press the Access for Subscriber button and login to stop the signal.

Top Signal Providers

Social Trader Advantage

Real accounts only – Demo account holders can not be signal providers, so you can be rest assured that someone has their money on the line.

No incentives – No volume based incentives are offered, this  ensures that the system manager is not trading without the intent of being successful.

Accurate statistics – Unreal statistics with bottomless unreal draw-downs are not shown.

Transparent fees – There are no hidden fees, all fees and services are transparent.

Full control – You can add or remove a system at any time, giving you full control of your account.

Be Signal Provider

Easy Setup – Fast and free trading strategy connection to our signal provider platform. Fully-automatic process that requires no active action from you.

All Strategies welcome – Promote manual trading strategies, semi-automatic trading robots and expert advisers.

Flexible Earning Potential – You can chose the Performance Fee that you like to charge for your trading strategy.

Payments On Time – You can withdraw your Performance Fee at any time.

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